Freshman Football Practice.

The Freshman practice yesterday was not so good as on Monday and Tuesday. The men showed less spirit and dash, and did not play well together.

The short signal practice which preceded the regular line-up between the first and second teams, was less accurate and slower than usual, and was marred by fumbling.

In the line-up, the great defeat of the first eleven's offensive play was lack of team work. The linemen were not aggressive enough, and did not charge together. They failed, also, to pull the runner along effectively, and were rather weak in opening up holes, especially on the left side of the line. The runners were slow in starting and did not hit the line with enough force. The interference, though at times good, was very erratic. On defensive play the most noticeable fault of the first team was the slowness of the ends in getting down the field under punts.

Except on kicks, the second was unable to gain. The first team, however, did not follow the ball closely, and failed to take advantage of the fumbles by the second.