Geological Survey.

The eighteen men who are taking Geology 22 under Dr. Jagger are engaged in a systematic geological survey of the Metropolitan District of Boston, with a view to the publication of an accurate map of the area, based on the new topographical work of the United States Geological Survey. Dr. Jagger is a regular officer of this survey, and the men in the course act as volunteer assistants. For the past two years the class has completed maps and collections of small parts of the area; this year the whole area is under survey, from Marblehead and Nantasket on the east to Bedford and Dover on the west. The students work in pairs, each pair covering an area of about twenty-six square miles.

The results of the investigations will be published by the United States Geological Survey and will probably be kept as permanent government records. The collection of specimens from the district will eventually be placed on exhibition together with the large relief model of the Metropolitan District, which has been deposited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the University Museum. This model was exhibited in Paris, and will soon be the centre-pierce in the large corner room of the Geological section of the museum.

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