Golf Tournament.

The matches played yesterday in the golf tournament resulted as follows: W. R. Tuckerman '03 beat R. Sedgwick '03, 4 up and 3 to play; W. C. Chick '05 beat J. M. Richards '04, 4 up and 2 to play.

The following matches will be played today: W. B. Egan vs. F. H. Appleton, A. G. Rotch vs. T. G. Wheelock, U. A. Murdock vs L. V. Pulsiver, A. M. Brown vs. H. C. Egan, P. A. Proal vs. J. G. Averell, H. Burnet vs. W. R. Tuckerman, W. P. Sayre vs. W. C. Church, C. T. Richardson vs. H. L. Riker.