Class Football.

The upperclass football practice yesterday consisted of short games. The Seniors played one long half with the Freshmen, and scored a touchdown on a 40 yard run. The Freshmen played better at every point, and their team work was far superior to the Seniors, but they were held for downs by superior weight. The Freshmen made many gains through centre, as the three centre men on the Senior team charged too high. The Senior ends played out too far, and allowed some gains on end plays.

The Juniors lined up against the Sophomores after a short signal practice and showed lack of team work. They could make no gains through the Sophomore line, but succeeded in getting around the ends for long runs. The runners failed to follow their interference and there was a great deal of fumbling on both sides. The Sophomores played faster and harder, and scored the only touchdown made in the game by a long end run. They showed better team work and kept their feet longer when tackled. The Sophomore game with the Cambridge High School was postponed until this afternoon.