Interclass Debating Trials.

At the Senior debating trials last night the following team was selected to debate with the Juniors: E. E. Smith, E. H. Letchworth, W. M. Eby, and C. C. Colby, alternate. The team will be coached by R. C. Bruce '02.

Six men were retained at the first Sophomore trial, and they have been assigned to sides for the debate which will constitute the first trial as follows: Affirmative, J. W. Scott, J. W. Johnson and A. Locke; negative, W. H. Nelson, F. W. Catlett and E. M. Rabenold.

The Junior trial will be held this evening at 7 in Sever 11. The first Freshmen trial will be held at 7 o'clock in Harvard 6, and the judges will be H. B. Kirtland 2L., C. L. Carr 3L, and P. A. Atherton 2L.