Interclass Golf Matches.

The interclass golf team matches will be played tomorrow and Friday at the Country Club, Brookline. The Senior-Junior and the Sophomore-Freshman matches will be played tomorrow, and the winning teams will play for the championship on Saturday.

The teams are made up as follows:

Seniors--W. Wadsworth, C. T. Richardson, H. Lindsley and W. W. Hoffman or F. I. Emery.

Juniors--A. M. Brown, F. H. Appleton, A. P. Thornton and H. L. Riker.

Sophomores -- U. A. Murdock, J. M. Richards, G. P. Snow and G. O. Winston.

Freshmen--W. E. Egan, H. C. Egan, P. A. Proal and T. G. Wheelock.