First Class Football Game.

The first game for the class football championship will be played at 4 o'clock this afternoon on Soldiers Field, between the Seniors and Juniors. On Tuesday the Sophomores play the Freshmen, and the winners of these games will play next Thursday for the championship. The line-up of the Junior team is as follows: r.e., S. H. Noyes; r.t., L. Blakie; r.g., A. Bigelow; c., C. G. Loring, Jr.; l.g., W. L. Hanavan; l.t., E. M. Ayer; l.e., R. W. Ruhi; q.b., R. Pier; r.h.b., S. L. Bullivant; l.h.b., N. F. Glidden; f.b., A. Stillman. The Senior line-up is not yet settled.