Sophomore-Freshman Debate Tonight.

The Sophomore-Freshman debate will be held this evening at 8 o'clock in the Fogg Lecture Room, on the question: "Resolved, That a system of compulsory arbitration of strikes should be adopted in the United States." The Sophomore team, composed of W. H. Nelson, E. M. Rabenold and J. W. Scott will support the affirmative, and the Freshman team composed of S. J. Gilman, R. D. Lapham and C. L. Dillon will support the negative. Each man will make a main speech of twelve minutes and a rebuttal of five minutes. M. Seasongood 2L., will preside, and the judges will be H. B. Huntington '97, H. F. Wolff 3L, and one other yet to be selected.

The members of the winning team will receive Surbridge debating cups, and the winning class will select a team to debate with the Juniors for the class championship and the Pasteur Medal.