Rifle and Pistol Matches.

The revolver cup match of the Rifle and Pistol Club has been won by H. S. St. Gaudens '03. Four weekly shoots were held, the cup to go to the man winning the most meets. St. Gau ens obtained the cup by winning four straight shoots.

In the novice rifle match, C. M. Ambrose '02 leads by two shoots, with W. C. Pennell '04 second. The novice pistol match is a tie between G. C. Dolley '04 and G. F. Henneberry '02, each having won two shoots. In the novice revolver series the scores up to date are as follows: G. F. Henneberry '02, 3 shoots; G. C. Dolley '04 2 shoots; C. B. Robinson '02, 1 shoot. All three of these matches last until the mid-years, and cups are offered for the winners of the largest number of the weekly shoots.

Yesterday three new handicap series began and will last until mid-years. The handicaps for the men entering the match will be regulated by their past scores in the novice matches. Shoots for these cup matches will be held on Tuesday and Friday evenings of each week.