President Eliot's Trip.

President Eliot has prepared the following itinerary of his trip to the Pacific Coast next spring.

His first stop will be at New York, where he will attend the annual dinner of the Harvard Club on February 21. Thence he will proceed to Cleveland, where he will meet the Harvard Club. At Chicago, his next stop, the President will spend February 25, 26 and 27, attending sessions of the Association of American Universities, and the annual dinner of the Harvard Club. From Chicago he will go to St. Louis, where he will be present at a dinner given by the Contemporary Club on February 29, and a dinner by the Harvard Club on February 30. He will then take the northern route to San Francisco, stopping on the way at Columbia, Mo.; Lincoln, Neb.; Helena, Mont.; Spokane and Seattle, Washington; Portland and Eugene, Ore. He will spend about a week in San Francisco, and will take part in the Charter Day exercises at the University of California.

On his return home the President will take the southern route, visiting San Antonio and Austin, Texas; New Orleans, La.; Tuskegee, Ala.; Athens, Ga.; Greensboro and Chapel Hill, N. C. He expects to be back in Cambridge about April 8.