The Athletic Association Surplus.

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To the Editors of the Crimson:

The report of the Graduate Manager of Athletics shows a surplus of nearly $40,000. Yet, every fall and every spring, subscription agents are sent through the University asking for money to help the crew, the track team, the hockey team, the lacrosse team, or some other athletic organization. Every year men give out money for the support of the different teams and crews, and yet the report of the Athletic Association shows a surplus every year far above the total amount received from subscriptions. Therefore, is it not fair to the members of the University, the stockholders of the Athletic Association so to speak, to have a statement made of what is done or going to be done with this surplus? It would also be a great satisfaction to everybody to know whether subscription agents are sent around because the Association needs the money or just because it is a convenient way of choosing managers. 1904.