The Trophy Room.

The Trophy Room Committee, composed of Mr. J. L. Coolidge, O. G. Frantz '02 and W. E. Ladd '02, has voted in favor of moving the trophy room from the Gymnasium to the Union, and has sent a report to that effect to the Athletic Committee. They give as reasons for the change: First, that the change has been approved by Mr. Hemenway and in general by the undergraduates; second, that the room in the Gymnasium is too small and too far away from undergraduate activity to be suitable for the purpose; third, that the present room is needed by Dr. Sargeut for a lecture room.

If the Athletic Committee decides in favor of this change everything in the room will be transferred to the Union except to the Union except the record boards, which will be replaced by having the records painted in gold on the panels of the new room. The trophies will also be more substantially mounted than they are at present. All the footballs and cups will be placed in new cases made to match the wood work of the Union. The cases for the baseballs, however, will not be changed as these were given by the classes of '78, '79, '80 and '81. The trophies will probably be put in the Reading Room unless some more suitable place can be found.