Yale Baseball.

The Yale nine has played only two games since the close of the Easter trip on April 11. On April 13 Wesleyan was defeated 5 to 0 in a slow and spiritless game. The team showed the results of the southern trip in steadiness and reliability both in the field and at the bat, but there was a lack of life and energy. The feature of the game was the pitching of Garvin, who gave Wesleyan only one hit. After a week of very unsatisfactory attempts at practice, the team defeated Amherst last Saturday by the score of 12 to 0. In spite of the cold and damp weather the Yale team played an errorless and at times brilliant game, and made a more satisfactory showing than at any time this season. Sharpe was taken from first, and pitched for seven innings, allowing six well scattered hits. Another change was the playing of Eliason, the manager of the team, in left field in place of Oglesby. He had no chances in the field and did nothing at the bat. Sharpe and Hirsh made three hits apiece, but the rest of the team was not satisfactory at the bat. This seems to be the weak point of the team, and for the past week the work has been almost entirely practice in this department.