New Rowing Stroke at Columbia.

Edward Hanlan, the Columbia rowing coaches teaching an entirely new stroke at Columbia this year. The characteristics are a long slide forward, the knees bunched under the arm-pits, and a small body teach, with the body as erect as possible. As soon as the oar dips into the water, the legs are jammed down hand with the weight of the body on the loins muscles, and the arms moving in unison with the legs. The recover is slow and less jerky than in the stroke previously used. In the blade work, the hands are not dropped in the lap, but are kept on the same level. The feather is carried back flat, and the oar is turned very quickly for the catch. The oar meets the water at an angle of ninety degrees.

The idea of this stroke is that it is much less fatiguing for a four mile race. The old oarsmen, accustomed to the old stroke, are finding some difficulty, but it is expected that this will shortly be overcome.