Baseball at U. of P.

The University of Pennsylvania baseball team defeated Brown at Philadelphia yesterday by the close score of 4 to 3. Pennsylvania team made six hits and one error, and Brown seven hits and two errors. The batteries were Layton and Flavell for Pennsylvania and Washburn and Whittemore for Brown. Pennsylvania's next game is on Saturday, with Harvard, at Philadelphia.

The Pennsylvania nine has undergone several changes since the opening of the season. Captain Flavell could not accompany the team on its southern trip, and the result was a great deal of loose playing. However, through the good pitching of Leary and Layton, the team won most of the games. The fielding was for the most part unreliable, but the hitting was exceptionally good.

Pennsylvania has twice beaten Columbia, by the scores of 22 to 2 and 5 to 1. In the first game Layton, who pitched the first six innings, did not allow a single hit. In the second game Leary succeeded in keeping Columbia's six hits well scattered and had perfect control. In both games the fielding of the Pennsylvania team was sharp, and the men batted well at critical moments.