The Pop Concert.

Following is the programme of the Pop Concert at Symphony Hall tonight: 1.March, "Obersteiger,"  Zeller. 2.  Overture, "Mireille,"  Gounod. 3.  Waltz, "Seid Umschlungen Millionen,"  Strauss. 4.  Selection, "La Fille de Mme. Angot,"  Lecocq. 5.  Finale to Act 1, Lohengrin,  Wagner. 6.  Nocturne in F,  Chopin-Glazounow. 7.  Waltz, "Landeskinder,"  E. Strauss. 8.  Suite, "Peer Gynt," Aase's Death. Anitra's Dance. In the Hall of the Mountain King.  Grieg. 9.  Selection, "Erminie,"  Jacobowsky. 10.  Gavotte, from "Mignon,"  Thomas. 11.  Waltz, "Artist's Life,"  Strauss. 12.  March, "Serenade,"  Herbert.