First Game of Interclass Series Between 1901 and 1902 on Soldiers Field at 3.

The Seniors will play the Juniors in the first game of the interclass baseball series this afternoon at 3 o'clock on Soldiers Field. Neither team has had more than two days practice, and the game should be very close.

The batting orders: 1901.  1902. Whittemore, 3b.  c., Paul. Laverack, p.  p., Christenson, Lewis. Smith, s.s.  1b., Lovering. Putnam, c.  2b., Wood. Kendall, 1b.  s.s., Chase. Canterbury, 2b.  3b., Ware, Rowley. Quincy, c.f.  r.f., Frothingham. Milne, l.f.  c.f. Movius. Parton, r.f.  l.f., Lehmann.

Second Nine vs. Exeter.

The Harvard Second Nine will play Exeter at Exeter this afternoon. The College nine is now batting well, and ought to outplay Exeter easily, although in a practice game yesterday with 1902, the fielding was decidedly ragged. The batting order of the Harvard team will be as follows: Lancy, 3b.; Nye, 1b.; Jaynes, s.s.; Pieper, r.f.; Black, l.f; Stewart, c.f; manning, c.; Daly, 2b.; Winsor or Dudley, p.

Freshmen vs. Hotchkiss School.

The Freshman baseball team will play the Hotchkiss School nine at Lakeville, Conn., this afternoon. Although the Freshman nine has been much changed in the last tow weeks, a great effort has 'been made to improve the fielding and introduce some idea of team-play into the men. Hotchkiss has not been playing well this year and the Freshmen have a good chance to win.

The freshman batting order will be: Carpenter, l.f.; Parker, c.; Pierce, 2b.; Hamlin, 1b.; Rockwell, c.f.; Dana, r.f.; Alexander, p.; Bennett, s.s.; Mackay, 2b.