The Nine Plays U. of P. at Philadelphia. A Close Game Expected.

The first Harvard Pennsylvania baseball game will be played on Franklin Field in Philadelphia at 3 o'clock this afternoon. The teams, both with a nucleus of experienced players and both possessing strong batteries, have developed very evenly this season and will play a very close game. Layton and Leary are probably as reliable as either Clarkson or Stillman, so for the first time this year Harvard will not be able to rely on great superiority in the battery to win the game.

A review of the work of the Harvard team before the first important game of the season, is encouraging. With a lack of sufficient practice, the team started the season, greatly handicapped, and yet after the Southern trip Dartmouth was defeated twice in succession. In these two games there was a great lack of team work and good base-running, and the team seemed to rely too much on the pitchers. These faults, coupled with indolent work at the bat, were the cause of the defeat by Williams, a much inferior team. Then there came a decided improvement, which resulted in the three shut outs against Colby, Bowdoin and Lafayette. On these games is based the present judgment of the team. The men ran bases with good judgment, field quickly and well, made good hits at the right time, and worked hard throughout the game. Faults, however, were still apparent. The hitting was by no means as good as it ought to have been, considering the pitchers encountered, and it is the weak point of the team. Aside from this the nine is in much better form than at this time last year.