Arnold Arboretum Circulars.

Circulars have been published by the management of the Arnold Arboretum, asking for subscriptions to the now insufficient endowment fund. They state the aim of the Arboretum and tell of the work already accomplished in spreading the knowledge of the silva of our country. The Arboretum plant is valued at about $3,000,000, and yet its yearly income is barely $7,000. This is quite insufficient to pay for the salaries, the cost of all investigations and an enormous correspondence, the care of the Arboretum grounds, and keeping up and extending the living collections. It is estimated that to meet this at least $300,000 is needed in addition to the present endowment fund. The committee, therefore, believing the Arboretum to be of sufficient national importance, appeals to lovers of forests and gardens throughout the United States to contribute to its supports.