Fact and Rumor.

The University and Freshman glee clubs will sit in a reserved section at the Yale game on Thursday, and will lead in singing the songs.

Fourteen Indian skeletons, recently discovered at Brookline, N. H., have been acquired by the Peabody Museum, and will be placed in the osteological department as soon as possible.

Six of the early presidents of Harvard College are buried in the graveyard of the First Parish Church. The inscription on their tombs are rapidly becoming illegible, and the Memorial Society has decided to place bronze tablets on the graves, practically repeating the old inscriptions. One will be placed this year on the tomb of Urian Oakes, the fourth President, as this inscription is at present in the worst repair. Urian Oakes was Acting-President from 1675 to 1679, and President from 1679 until his death in 1681.