Lacrosse Prospects.

The University lacrosse team loses only three men this year,--Guggenheimer, Sever and Hardy. This loss, however, will be a serious handicap to the team, for Sever and Guggenheimer have been the strength of the defense, and Hardy has been very valuable as a goalmaker. It will probably be impossible to develop equally good men to take their places.

Of the players who will remain next year, all but two have been on the team for two or three years. Goal will be the hardest position to all and at present there is no prominent candidate for this place. Goddard has played the position, but he will probably be more serviceable on the attack. Leake, who played goal on the Freshman team this year, may improve enough to make the University team. Chaffee, Batten and Edwards, all good defense men, will be candidates again, and for the attack Bennett, Beane, Ingalls and Smith are prominent candidates.