Metropolitan Regatta.

The Metropolitan regatta was rowed over the Charles River course yesterday under favorable conditions. The eights rowed a mile and a half straight away, finishing at the Union Boat Club, but the other races were rowed around a stake starting and finishing at the Union Boat Club.

In the junior single sculls Ells and Hart of the Weld came in third and fourth respectively, Stevenson of the B. A. A. winning. The closest race of the afternoon was the junior pair-oar, in which Stevenson and Stevens of the B. A. A. defeated Ells and George of the Weld by a few feet.

The Weld junior four-oar easily defeated the crew of the Bradford A. C. The senior four-oar race was won by the Newell, with the Millstream and Union Boat Club crews some distance behind.

At the start of the intermediate eight-oar race, the Riverside and Jeffries Point crews got off before the signal was given and rowed over the course without the Weld crew. As the starter was unable to stop them, it was decided to row this race over again tomorrow afternoon.

The Newell crew won the junior eight-oar race. At the bridge the Weld crew was about half a length behind the Newell, with the interscholastic crew third and Millstream fourth. The Newell then drew away and the schoolboys caught up with the Weld. Here the Weld coxswain fouled the interscholastic crew, and 7 in the Weld boat broke his oar and jumped overboard. The interscholastic crew crossed the line two lengths behind the Newell. The orders of the winning Harvard crews were as follows:

Newell senior four-oar--Stroke, Smith; 3, Gregg; 2, Swaim; bow, Foster.

Newell junior eight-oar--Stroke, Brigham; 7, Drinker; 6, Scott; 5, Welldon; 4, Nickerson; 3, Holwill; 2, Roosevelt; bow, Hull.

Weld junior four-oar--Stroke, Bettman; 3, Aldridge; 2, Lovejay; bow, T. D. Roberts.