New Philosophy Building.

A. W. Longfellow '76 has drawn up plans for a three story building to be devoted almost exclusively to the department of Philosophy. The plans will probably undergo some alternations before they are finally accepted, but the general structure of the building will be modelled on the present drawing. The hall will be constructed entirely of red brick and the general style of architecture will be very simple, to conform with the other University buildings. A committee has been appointed to obtain the funds for the construction of the hall.

On the first floor there will be several small recitation rooms and one large lecture hall, seating 400 students. The rest of the floor will be taken up by a philosophical library, comprising, in addition to the regular text books, an extensive collection of philosophical works. The second story will contain a few small recitation rooms and several seminary rooms for advanced work. About one-half of this floor will be turned over to the educational and sociological departments. The entire third floor will be used for a psychological laboratory. There will be one large room where work of a general character will be done. The rest of the laboratory will be divided into fifteen sections, each of which will be specially equipped for certain specific branches of the subject.

"Emerson Hall" has been selected as the most appropriate name for the building. No definite arrangements have yet been made in regard to its location.