New Arrangement for Entrance Examinations.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has recently voted to allow candidates for admission to the College to divide their entrance examinations into more than two groups, when this extra division is recommended by a responsible teacher. This change is largely the result of recommendations of Dean Briggs and of the efforts of the Harvard Teachers' Association. It will not in any way lessen the amount of work required for entrance, but will tend to make admissions easier for candidates who have not been able to prepare in the usual way.

In the past, every candidate has been obliged to take his examinations in two groups, the preliminary and final, but in the future the chairman on admission will allow candidates to divide their preliminary or final examinations between June and September of the same year, or to postpone part of either group until the next year when this further division is deemed necessary. Candidates who have prepared in the usual way will, however, take the examinations in two groups as heretofore.