Debating Club Committees.

The president of the University Debating Club has appointed the following committee to select the question and make all arrangements for the debate with Princeton: M. Seasongood 2L., chairman; H. F. Wolff 3L., C. Grilk 3L., H. B. Kirtland 2L., C. P. McCarthy 1L., and J. Daniels '04. M. Seasongood has also been appointed to make arrangements for a public meeting to award the Pasteur medal and Surbridge cups.

The club has appointed a committee on coaching composed of E. H. Letchworth '02, chairman; G. Clark '03, J. Daniels '04. The committee will investigate the causes of the present unsatisfactory coaching and will draw up a regular system to go into effect next year. It will also arrange for the appointment of officials to oversee the workings of the system.