The Engineering Journal.

The magazine to be published by the Engineering Society has been definitely named "The Harvard Engineering Journal, Devoted to the Interests of Engineering and Architecture." The editorial board has been completed as follows: C. H. Baker '02, editor-in-chief; V. M. Frost '02, business manager; N. B. Pope '03, assistant business manager; associate editors, Mr. S. E. Whiting, instructor in Electricity; Mr. J. A. Moyer, instructor in Mechanical Drawing; assistant editors, A. G. McAvity '03, Mechanical Engineering Club; H. E. Huntington '04, Civil Engineering Club; G. S. Meem '03, Electrical Engineering Club; J. M. Fox '03, Mining Club; E. T. Putnam 1G., Pen and Brush Club.

The cover of the Journal will be of some colored paper with a black design. A competition for cover designs is now being held in the Architectural department.