The Rowing Candidates.

About 125 candidates for the Freshman and University crews are now working daily at the University boat house. The Freshmen have been graded to a certain extent and are being coached in squads by H. Bullard '02, E. E. Smith '02, and R. S. Francis '02. Although it is still too early for a definite idea of the strength of the candidates, they have at least the weight and ability of the average Freshman crews of former years. At present, the men follow the usual routine of work--practsising on the machines and exercises, and ending with a half-mile run along the driveway--which will continue until the crews are taken on the river some time in March.

Several members and substitutes of last year's University crew and candidates from various classes and departments of the University have formed a separate squad of twenty which has been working on the machines and in the tank. This squad will continue together for the present, but most of the men will practise with their class crews when these are formed later in the season.