The "Harvard Engineering Journal."

The new engineering quarterly will probably be named the "Harvard Engineering Journal." Another name, "Harvard Engineering," has also been considered. The Journal will be printed in magazine form on 6x9 1-4 paper, with a cover design.

The first issue, which will appear on March 1, will deal largely with Peirce Hall, giving a minute description of the building, with illustrations. Over a thousand copies will be printed, many of which will be sent about to various educational institutions of the country. The succeeding issues will contain short articles by editors and others on topics connected with Engineering. Instructors in Engineering courses will be given an opportunity to have published in the Journal articles connected with their courses, and notes for the use of students.

H. E. Huntington '04 has been elected an associate editor for the civil, and G. S. Meem '03 for the mining department. It has been decided to have the Architectural School represented on the board, and the Pen and Brush Club will elect an associate editor from this department.