First Number of the Bulletin.

The first number in the fifth volume of the Bulletin appears today. The editors, abandoning the experiment of a smaller sized paper tried last year, have issued it in its original form, making it again a paper similar in size to the CRIMSON. The present number contains an excellent cut of President Eliot, an article on the opening of the College, with accounts of the changes, both temporary and permanent, in the Faculty, and a description of the progress on the new buildings up to the time when College work recommenced. Several extracts from Professor Hollis' recent magazine article on Athletics, summaries of Harvard news, and short accounts of the first football games at Yale and Pennsylvania till the news columns of the paper. There are five short editorials.

Henceforth the Bulletin will print the news of Harvard and the more interesting news from other colleges with greater detail than heretofore. It is intended that later in the year the number of pages, now four, will be increased.