Bowdoin Prizes Increased.

The sum, of the Bowdoin Prizes, offered for dissertations in English and in Latin and Greek will be doubled this year on account of an increase in the fund from about $15,000 to $30,000. Whether the several prizes will be doubled or increased in different ratios has not yet been determined. An official announcement will be made, in a few weeks.

As usual, a first and second prize are offered to undergraduates in regular standing for dissertations in English. For graduates, a prize is offered "for an essay of high literary merit belonging to a special field of learning." Undergraduates may write on any subject approved by the chairman of the committee on Bowdoin Prizes. Graduates must choose a subject in ancient and modern languages, literature, or the fine arts. A prize is offered both to graduates and undergraduates for translations into Greek and Latin of passages to be announced later.

Graduates may compete for a prize for an original essay in either Latin or Greek, of not less than three thousand words, on any subject chosen by the competitor. To compete, a man must be a holder of an academic degree and must have been in residence in the Graduate School for one full year during the period of 1900-1903.