Freshmen do Fairly Well.--Clerk Wins Twice from Scratch.

The University fall handicap track games were held on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. The games were not up to the usual standard, which fact may possibly be due to the disagreeable weather which existed and to the heaviness of the track. The Freshman candidates made a fairly good showing, obtaining three firsts, one second and one third.

Perhaps the best race of the afternoon was the 100 yards dash which was won by R. W. Robbins 1L., with a handicap of one yard. The men remained bunched all the way down the stretch and finished close together, Robbins winning by about a foot.

In the 440 yards run H. S. Andrews '06 with a handicap of 20 yards, kept the lead to the end. R. W. Kelso '04, with 10 yards, soon worked up to second place and remained there throughout the race. H. M. Channing 2L., who ran from scratch, ran well until in the stretch where the pace began to tell on him. He went into third place, however, about 75 yards from the tape.

The 880 yards run was won by W. G. Clerk 1L., who ran from scratch. He was closely followed by J. J. Moynahan '05, with 25 yards, who finished about a yard and a half. behind Clerk. F. Buffum '04, who had the lead on the back stretch, was unable to maintain it and was finally forced back to third place.

With a handicap of 90 yards, W. H. Appleton '06 took the lead in the mile run and by a fast spurt gained a big lead which he kept to the end.

W. A. Colwell 2G. easily won the two mile run from scratch. On the fourth lap Colwell was twenty yards behind the first man. He took the lead, however, on the fifth and steadily increased the distance, finishing at least 60 yards ahead of the rest.

On account of the darkness it was impossible to decide the pole vault, which will be jumped off Monday morning.

The summary is as follows:


100 yards dash--Won by R. W. Robbins 1L., 1 yd.; second, W. P. Henneberry '06, sc.; third, L. T. Bernstein '04, 2 yds. Time, 10 4-5s.

220 yards dash--Won by W. G. Clerk 1L., sc.; second, R. W. Robbins 1L., 3 yds.; third, D. Saunders '04, 8 yds. Time, 23 3-5s.

440 yards run--Won by H. S. Andrews '06, 20 yards; second, R. W. Kelso '04, 10 yds.; third, H. M. Channing 2L., sc. Time, 53 2-5s.

880 yards run -- Won by W. G. Clerk 1L., sc.; second, J. J. Moynahan '05, 25 yds.; third, F. Buffum '04, sc. Time, 2m., 4 1-5s.

One mile run--Won by W. H. Appleton '06, 90 yds.; second, J. G. Souther '03, 60 yds.; third, W. A. Green '04, 60 yds. Time, 4m., 40s.

Two mile run--Won by W. A. Colwell 2G., sc.; second, F. L. Carter '03, 25 yds.; third, J. H. Hall '03, 50 yds. Time, 10m., 18s.