Freshmen Play Andover.

The Freshman eleven will play its third game of the season today against Phillips Andover, at Andover. The progress of the Freshmen thus far has been far from satisfactory. In the line-ups this week, the second team has had little difficulty in making consistent gains through their line, and the offense, although fast at times, has been ragged and unformed. Andover, on the other hand, has an especially strong team this year, having been scored on but once.

The game will have the added interest of affording an opportunity to compare the work of the team with that of the Yale Freshmen, with whom Andover played a tie game on Wednesday, 6-6.

The probable line-up of the teams will be as follows: FRESHMEN.  ANDOVER. Upton, Whitman, r. e.  l. e., Overall Gill, r. t.  l. t., Cates Pell, r. g.  l. g., Andrews Sloane, c.  c., Gillis Carrick, l. g.  r. g., Thompson Paul, l. t.  r. t., Conrad Bartels, l. e.  r. e., Brown Brown, Metcalf, q. b.  q. b., Veeder, Dillon Nichols, l. h. b.  r. h. b., Gramner, Veeder Hodges, r. h. b.  l. h. b., Reynolds Guild, f. b.  f. b., Bullock