The Illustrated Magazine.

The Illustrated Magazine for October opens with two illustrated articles; one, unsigned, on the Stillman Infirmary; the other, by G. E. Huggins 2G., describing under the title, "A Laboratory of Life," some of the philanthropic enterprises carried on by Harvard men. Some verses called "Neglect," by G. A. E., are clever in a way, but a story, "The Divided Letter," signed with the same initials is altogether crude. Another piece of fiction, "Points of View," by G. W. South, Jr., is unfortunately confused by typographical misarrangement of lines. "The Fable of The Taming of the Shrew" is quite slangy enough for the most exacting. The editorials are well written. In its serous articles and its photographic illustrations the standard of the magazine is decidedly higher than in the stories and drawing.