Investigation at Assoss.

The Archaeological Institute of America has recently issued the first part of "Investigations at Assoss," a large folio, fourteen by twenty-one inches, illustrating the first expedition sent out by the Institute. Plans, drawings and photographs of the city of Assoss in the Troad are given, with all the details and measurements of ancient art. The book will be one of the most important contributions to the knowledge of the movements of classical antiquity yet made by America, and will represent may Greek civic buildings such as have not been found elsewhere.

The first of the five parts now issued is splendidly executed. It has been prepared by Francis H. Bacon of Boston, who has been assisted by Robert Violdewey, an eminent German archaeologist. The book is issued by a committee of the Archeological Institute; with the exception of the editor, the committee consists entirely of Harvard instructors. Professor Charles Eliot Norton, Professor John Williams White, and Mr. William Fenwick Harris, treasurer.