Pierian Sodality Prospects.

The prospects of a successful season for the Pierian Sodality are very good this year. A large number of old members have returned to College, and there is promise of a fair amount of new material. A number of concerts in and about Boston have already been arranged in addition to the usual concerts in Sanders Theatre. The plan for the chorus has been slightly changed from last year. This year it will sing for the most part without orchestral accompaniment, as did the old Pierian Glee Club of 1835-1840. In fact, it is proposed to reorganize the chorus under the old name. By this change it will be possible to give greater variety in the concerts.

The following old members of the Sodality have returned to College:

Violins -- A. C. Boylston, E. C. Stone, R. S. Coutant J. W. J. Marion, J. F. Kroykn, W. J. Thompson, T. Palmer, H. P. Pratt, L. Mayer, R. H. Miller, H. Giduz, W. M. Hanchett, H. B. Clewworth, V. Miller, O. E. Pomeroy; drum--F. S. Shepard; bass violin -- G. S. Chase; cellos--E. P. Cole, S. Wilder; clarionet--J. S. Allen; French horn-- E. U. Clark; oboe--U. C. Ward; flutes--A. S. Milanowski, S. M. Dorrance, P. D. Howard; trombone--J. T. Donovan.