The Engineering Camp.

The summer engineering camp was held at Squam Lake, N. H., as usual. About ninety men enrolled for the course, less than forty of whom had the course prescribed. The increasing popularity of the camp as a means of spending the summer makes new buildings and accommodations necessary every year. The work of the camp was divided into three courses, plane, geodetic, and railroad surveying. The first two subjects occupied about two weeks each and the last about three weeks. The camp property, three hundred acres on the cast shore of Squam Lake, is especially fitted for practice in surveying on account of the variety in the topography.

After the completion of the first course a visitor's day was held and was enlivened by four-oared barge races, dory, cause, swimming and tub races, diving and tilling contests. The camp will be held in the same place next summer and many improvements in equipment will be made.