Gift to Library by Mr. John Drew

Mr. John Drew has recently presented to the Harvard Library a collection of theatrical history and biography left by the late Robert W. Lowe, who died in London during the last summer. The collection consists of several hundred extremely rare and valuable books and pamphlets. By special arrangement it was offered to Harvard for the sum of one thousand dollars before being put on the general market in London, and Mr. Drew bought the collection for the University.

In presenting the books, Mr. Drew writes, "The gift is free from any restrictions or conditions whatsoever. I regard it as a great privilege to be permitted to offer this collection to Harvard University, and rejoice that such an opportunity has been presented to me."

It is gratifying as well as appropriate that the library of a lover of the stage, which was the foundation for his invaluable bibliography of theatrical literature, should become a part of the Harvard collection of drama and theatrical history through the liberality of one of the leading actors of this country. The kindness of Mr. Drew makes the Harvard collection of books and pamphlets on theatrical history probably the richest collection in the United States.