Pennsylvania Team Arrives

Twenty-six men from the University of Pennsylvania football squad reached Auburndale yesterday morning and took up quarters at the Woodland Park Hotel where training will be continued for Saturday's game. The men were given light practice on signals and punting yesterday afternoon, but no heavy work was done. The squad is in charge of Dr. Carl Williams, head coach, who stated yesterday that all of his men were in good physical condition. The squad will leave Auburndale for Cambridge Saturday noon.

Following are the men who are at Auburndale: Captain Gardiner, Richardson, Torrey, Hoffman, McCabe, Piekarkski, Mitchell, Jones, Metzger, Dale, Weschler, Bennett, Sloan, Nelson, Brenton, Baird, Taylor, Greiss, Dick, Whetstone, Fortiner, Marshall, Weede, Mulford, Hare, Thomas, Howard.