First Interclass Basketball Game

The Seniors will play the Juniors in the first game of the interclass basketball series at 7.45 this evening on the floor of the Gymnasium. The practice of both teams last week was very ragged, owing partly to the short time the men have been playing together. The Junior team, with one exception, is made up of the men who played last year. The Seniors though somewhat inexperienced, have had the advantage of the coaching of the University captain. The game should be very close throughout.

The line-up will be: 1903.  1904. Humphries, l.f.  r.f., K. K. Smith Story, r.f.  l.f., H. H. Bennett Haigh, c.  c., Fisher Edwards, l.g.  r.g., Bourne Hastings, r.g.  l.g., Hill

The Sophomores will play the Freshmen at 7.45 tomorrow night.