Hockey Team Plays Boston Hockey Club.

The University hockey team will play its first practice game of the season with the Boston Hockey Club on Holmes Field this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock. Owing to the poor condition of the ice, the team has had very little practice and does not play well together. The forwards do not follow up fast enough and the backs have not yet learned to check hard, and pay too much attention to the puck and too little to the opposing forwards. The Boston team has some very strong players, among them R. Winsor, captain of the university team last year, and H. Stoddard and Snow of last year's Yale team, which Stoddard captained. F. Goodridge played on the Harvard team in 1901.

The teams will line up as follows: HARVARD.  BOSTON H. C. H. Kernan, r.e.  r.e., Winsor Lovering, r.c.  r.c., H. Stoddard Macleod, l.c.  l.c., F. Goodridge Souther, l.e.  l.e., Snow Clothier, c.p.  c.p., Stanwood Carr, p.  p., Stoddard Litchfield, g.  g., A. Goodridge

The practice yesterday was very light and consisted in shooting and practice in team work for the forwards. The ice was very soft, and little satisfactory work could be done.