Hockey Team Wins.

The University hockey team defeated the Boston Hockey Club on Saturday afternoon by 4 goals to 2. As several of the members of the Boston Hockey Club team were unable to play their places were filled by substitutes from the University squad.

The teams lined up as follows: HARVARD.  BOSTON H. C. Kernan (Foster), r.e.  r.e., Winsor Macleod, r.c.  r.c., Newhall Lovering, l.c.  l.c., Wagstaff Souther (Prentice) ,l.e.  l.e., Stanwood Clothier, c.p.  c.p., Aertsen Carr, p.  p., Clarkson Tilden, g.  g., Goodridge

Score-Harvard 4, Boston Hockey Club 2. Goals-Clothier 2, Lovering, Kernan, Wagstaff 2. Referee-Foster, Souther. Time-20 minute halves.