Intercollegiate Golf.

The Intercollegiate Golf Association held its annual business meeting in the Holland House, New York, on Saturday night. Delegates from Harvard, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton and Columbia were present. Harvard was represented by H. B. Hollins, Jr., '04, captain of next year's team. U. A. Murdock '04 was elected president of the Association in place of S. P. Nash of Columbia, resigned. The other officers elected were: Vice-president, N. S. Campbell, Yale; secretary and treasurer, L. H. Conklin, Princeton. Cornell was elected to membership in the Association. It was decided to hold the next intercollegiate tournament at Garden City, on October 20, and the following days.

A committee of five will be appointed by the president to confer with the United States Golf Association in relation to a match with the Oxford and Cambridge team which is expected here in August.