Trial for Princeton Debate.

Twenty six men came out for the first trial for the Princeton debate in Sever 11 last night. The subject, "Resolved, That Mayor Low should strictly enforce the Excise Law in New York City," was discussed as thoroughly as could be expected in speeches of five minutes in length.

The following men were retained for the second trial, which will be held in the Fogg Lecture Room Thursday even-at 7: J. K. Clark 3L., T. H. Reed 1L., G. M. Nichols Sp.L., E. E. Smith '02, I. Grossman '02, E. H. Letchworth '02, O. J. Campbell '03, S. Blaikie '03, G. Bettmann '03, A. Black '03, G. Clark '03, M. Hale '03.