Report of Expedition to Copan.

The Peabody Museum has issued a report of the expedition sent out last year, under Mr. Gordon, to investigate and decipher the inscriptions on the Hieroglyphic Stairway at Copan, Central America. The expedition was absent nine months and succeeded in uncovering all the stairway that still remains in position. There were originally eighty-five steps in the flight, but now only fifteen remain. The work of the expedition consisted principally of replacing the fallen steps in their proper order so that the inscriptions carved on the front of the steps could be deciphered. Mr. Gordon was finally enabled to translate a large portion of the characters, but was unable to read them all because many of the steps have been destroyed or lost. The report is also illustrated by several interesting photographs showing the stairway before and after it was uncovered and the inscription on the front of the steps. During the process of excavation, several interesting old statues were found and casts were made of them for the Museum. Copies were also made of the sculptured steps; and a room has been reserved in the Museum for the exhibition of the casts in their proper sequence.