Mr. J. D. Rockefeller Gives a Million Dollars for the New Buildings.

President Eliot announced to the Medical Faculty Saturday evening that Mr. J. D. Rockefeller proposes to give $1,000,000 to the Medical School provided that other friends of the University will raise an additional sum in the neighborhood of $500,000. This money, together with the $1,000,000 which was given to the School last June by Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan, will be used for the erection and maintenance of the new Medical School buildings. These buildings will be five in number and will be erected on the new grounds in Brookline. Mr. Morgan's gift provided for the erection of three of the buildings, and Mr. Rockefeller's gift, together with the additional sum yet to be raised, will provide for the erection of the other two and for the increased running expenses of the School.