Hockey Team Wins.

The University hockey team won its second victory over the Newtowne Athletic Association Saturday by a score of 7 to 2. Both teams played fast and aggressively, although the Newtowne team did not show its full strength until the latter part of the game. Considering the poor condition of the ice, which made passing very difficult, the improvement displayed by the Harvard team was considerable. The team play was the best this season, and the work in general was spirited and effective. At times, however, there was a noticeable tendency to crowd too much in defense of the goal and thus make it hard to get the pack out to the side. It was during such situation at the beginning of the second half that Newtowne succeeded in scoring two goals. Harvard quickly recovered, however, and added three more points to the four made during the first half. Winsor and Rumsey, for Harvard, and Burns and Warnock, for Newtowne, did the best work.

The line-up: HARVARD.  NEWTOWNE A. A. Rumsey, f.  f., Warnock. Foster, f.  f., F. Clarkson. Winsor, f.  f., Burns. Fosdick, f.  f., Lovering. Penhallow, c.p.  c.p., Saul. Carr, p.  p., Brown. Manning, g.  g., Peirce.

Goals: Harvard--Foster 9, Winsor 2, Rumsey 2; Newtowne A. A.--Clarkson, Burns.