The Whist Team.

Candidates for the whist team practiced at the Union last night. This team will play against Yale probably on the afternoon and evening of May 23, the day before the Dual Games between Harvard and Yale; and will consist of eight men, chosen from the following members of the Whist Club: A. C. England 3M., S. M. Whalen 1L., A. D. Wyman 1G., C. W. Barry '03, S. Daggett '03, A. E. Ells '02, C. W. Stark '03, L. Werthermer '02, J. M. DeWolfe '04, C. F. Lovejoy '04, R. T. Potts '05, T. L. Stoddard '05, V. K. Keesey '02 and M. G. Beaman 3L.