The Pi Eta Play.

The rehearsals for this spring's Pi Eta play "Queen Philippine," have been going on for over a month. Decided progress is shown and everything points toward a successful production of the new piece. Already the first act has been staged and attention is now being given to the second act. The choruses have learned their parts well, but have not yet acquired the necessary ease and precision. The club is fortunate this year in having among the principals several men who have had experience in former plays.

The music, by A. W. Denison '03, has great variety. The songs are lively and catchy and are well suited to the development of the plot. The book, by R. E. Edwards 02 and P. L. Coonley '03, presents many humorous situations. The costumes will be copied from those worn by Filipinos and will show the crude but rich colors that are characteristic of their dress. The scenery also is planned to represent as closely as possible the actual houses, streets and landscapes of the Philippine Islands.

There will probably be six public performances besides the dress rehearsal and Graduates' Night. Thus far, the following dates have been arranged: Dress rehearsal, April 9; Graduates' night, April 11; Salem, April 17; Hollis Street Theatre, Boston, April 18 (matinee); Cambridge, April 22 and 23.

The provisional cast of characters is as follows: King Philippine of Tavolara,  J. C. Miller 1L. Prince Ping Pong, his Prime Minister,  R. Wellman '03. Taykakaykin Tumi, his secretary plenipotentiary,  H. Ohashi, Sp. Lord Cholmondeley Chichester, a banker from Hong Kong,  H. F. Hurlburt 1L. McDoolittle Mackintosh, his valet,  I. T. Cutter '03. John de Breeze, an American,  C. A. McCarthy '03. Father Chartreuse, an Abbot,  N. L. Tenney '03. Princess Anita Philippine, the ward of the King,  A. S. Proudfoot '02. Mrs. Sarah Bellum, a missionary from Boston,  H. L. Wells '02. Marian Hayste, her Niece,  F. M. Sawtelle '02.