The University Crews.

The University crews took a short row up-stream yesterday, handicapped by a strong wind and rough water. The order of the first crew remained unchanged, but several changes were made in the order of the second. Covel, who is now well again, was put at bow in place of Hartwell. Colby at seven was replaced by Bancroft, and was moved to five in place of Gregg.

A change in the nature of the coaching marked an advance in the work of the crews. Until yesterday, Mr. Higginson has been giving special attention to the stroke through the water. Now, however, he has begun to work on the recover.

In the few short brushes between the crews they finished even for the most part, but sometimes the second gained by rowing a higher stroke. The first crew is now rowing with a more even beat than the second, and is better together, but the second seems to have more snap and life.