Cricket Team Wins.

The cricket team won the second game with Pawtucket Y. M. C. A. Saturday afternoon by the score of 107 to 47. The work of the team showed a great improvement over that in the first game with Pawtucket when Harvard was easily defeated. The fielding throughout the game was good and although Meiklejohn, Pawtucket's fast bowler, did not play, the batting of Moore and Taylor who scored 36 and 27 runs respectively, was creditable. A. Tyng bowled well for Harvard.

The score follows: HARVARD. Taylor, c., Armitage, b., Smith,  27 D. Tyng, c., M. MacDonald, b., Armitage,  0 Carter, c., J. MacDonald, b., Armitage,  0 Pasea, c., Tyler, b., Smith,  16 Rothermel, b., Armitage,  10 Bullinger, b., Armitage,  2 Moore, b., Armitage,  36 Brock, b., Armitage,  0 Waters, b., Armitage,  6 Krumbhaar, l. b. w., b., Harnies,  1 Extras,  9 Total,  107 PAWTUCKET J. MacDonald, b., A. Tyng,  4 Harnies, b., A. Tyng,  3 Ramsbottom, b., A. Tyng,  0 M. MacDonald, b., Carter,  1 Smith, c., Pasea, b., Taylor,  21 Jackson, c., Bullinger, b., A. Tyng,  2 Armitage, c., Pasea, b., Taylor,  13 Burgess, b., Taylor,  0 Peacock, b., Taylor,  1 Tyler, run out,  0 Wilkinson, not out,  0 Extras,  2 Total,  47